Gamifying predictive analytics

Let's kick some data with the ONE DATA platform

With ONE LOGIC, predictive analytics become easy.

To demonstrate just how easy it is, ONE LOGIC built an AI-enabled table soccer game based on its ONE DATA platform to bring predictive analytics to life in a playful environment.

The project kicked off in 2017, but it’s been constantly improving ever since, delighting customers, partners and employees at the offices of ONE LOGIC, at trade fairs and at IOT showrooms in Europe.

Download our new AI-kicker flyer we hand out at trade fairs to discover further technical details on the project.

Why table soccer?

Our IT specialists and data scientists love playing table soccer in their spare time at our offices in Munich and Passau. It wasn’t a big surprise for management that they quickly transferred the joy of kicking to their work agenda: The ONE LOGIC Predictive Analytics kicker project was quickly initialized by an interdisciplinary team of data scientists, software developers and marketing staff.

Top credo was always that AI does not have to be complicated or very expensive. We started with a Raspberry Pi for 35 €, suitable photo sensors and two cameras. After a successful feasibility study, it quickly became clear that we could further improve the project in terms of stability, cost and benefits. In a few short iterations, the two cameras per prototype were switched to just one, and the Raspberry Pi’s photoelectric switches were upgraded to industrial components. Our kicker team is constantly working on improving the hardware to provide our playful demonstration of the ONE DATA platform with even better and more accurate data.

How does it work?

With only one camera we track the ball position, the play behavior and the shooting speed. Our Rasperry Pi evaluates the goals detected by the industrial photoelectric sensors and coordinates the communication between the Raspberry Pi, the camera and our analytics platform ONE DATA. Based on the data from the camera, the data that the Raspberry Pi pushes via microservices into ONE DATA and the data from all previous games, ONE DATA evaluates the gameplay and makes a precise prediction of how each team’s chances of winning stand and how long the game is likely to last.

Leaderboards will be soon available so that the best players within a company or at a trade fair can be easily determined for contests.

A look behind the scenes

ONE LOGIC's AI table soccer in action

Challenge accepted? Contact us to play along

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