A billion sales forecasts in four hours

Discover how Markant uses the ONE DATA platform to forecast a billion FMCG sales on product- and store-level

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Discover how Markant gets billions of FMCG sales forecasts right

Using the ONE DATA platform, accurate demand sensing becomes easy. Discover how it works in the use case video.

The client

Markant is the largest trade and service cooperation in Europe. Markant acts as a service provider for its approximately 150 trading partners. A central task of Markant is the organization of purchasing for its members from more than 14,000 industry partners.

The task

This cooperation between industry and retail opens up enormous optimization potential, ranging from avoiding packaging waste, improving planning accuracy on both sides to minimizing transport costs and increasing overall sales. To unleash this potential, ONE LOGIC developed the Markant Analysis and Forecasting Platform to generate reliable sales forecasts across all retailers. The results of this demand sensing initiative are shared with partners to optimize their production planning and logistics.

The challenges

  • Combining sales forecasts with external data such as weather forecasts, influenza data and product promotions
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of information between competing trading partners
  • Scaling the complete solution across all trading partners
  • Finding the most accurate forecast model for each product

The result

The Markant Analysis and Forecasting Platform based on the ONE DATA platform currently delivers 1 billion sales forecasts within four hours computation time.

The overall forecasting quality is 10 percent more accurate than the best individual forecast from any retailer. In a highly competitive market environment, this provides an invaluable competitive advantage and also helps to avoid waste.

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Collaborations between production and retail open up huge optimization potential

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