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Your cash deserves good management

Despite complex multi-national corporate structures, uncertain economic environments, and new technology trends, investors and analysts have high expectations towards cash management that do not fit well with manual reporting and steering. Although the management of liquidity and risk is prime, the process is often long, labor intensive and inaccurate.

With ONE DATA’s application blueprint for cash management, future cash predictions become less time-consuming and more accurate: Replace your single-source, two dimensional tabular reports on current period information with multi-dimensional reports that offer 360⁰ views into current, historic and future business outcomes.

Stabilize your cash management with data science

Automate spreadsheet processes and AI optimizations

Drive strategic finance planning over all business units

Improve data analyses with multi-dimensional modeling

Model the cash impact of decisions before they are made


Our application blueprint for cash management delivers confidence, compliance and control over short-term liquidity with automated real-time visibility, monitoring and management.

Our solution consolidates existing siloed infrastructures, captures transactions from any internal or external source to create a single, global view of balances that allows you to seamlessly align planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes.

This view of liquidity allows you to understand funding requirements in real-time, from the highest level down to individual transactions.

Plan in a dynamic, continuous way by measuring, monitoring and drilling deep into root causes, performing what-if-simulations and highly accurate forecasts driving better business decisions.

Real-time updated positions and monitoring deliver up-to-date information, enabling firms to optimize their use of liquidity. As a result, business leaders will have greater confidence in making funding decisions.

Due to the positive effects of one-time impact, monitoring impact and the continuous discovery of new measures adding up, both short-term as well as long-term uplifts of your working capital positions can be achieved with this blueprint.

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Master the four phases of intelligent finance planning

Use data science to prepare for macro-economic volatility

Time the value of money

Make better decisions

Stay up-to-date, enable transparency on micro and macro level, always have key figures in view

Reduce complexity

Replace Excel, enable synergies, provide clarity in complex figures, manage stakeholders easily

Automate optimizations

Receive automated recommendations, automate manual tasks, improve planning

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