ONE DATA Platform

Take your project from prototype to production: Our data science platform delivers measurable success.

What ONE DATA can do

Our data science platform ONE DATA transforms data into added value for your business quickly and efficiently. True to our principle “from prototype to production”, ONE DATA paves the way for successful ideas to be rapidly implemented after only a short prototyping phase.

Thanks to interactive reporting charts, business users – even those with rudimentary IT knowledge – can easily derive recommendations for courses of action.

Data scientists and other tech-savvy users can develop their own analysis approaches using an intuitive drag and drop system, and in this way unearth further potential optimisations simply and easily.

The platform’s user interface can be fully customised in step with customer wishes, and it is also easily scalable at enterprise level. As a result, it can seamlessly dovetail into existing internal IT infrastructure.

Connecting datasets

ONE DATA can easily integrate and process large volumes of data from a wide range of data sources (e.g. SAP, Oracle, SQL, APIs, Graph DB). The data analysis tools integrated into the solution enable complex evaluations directly within the interface, and existing scripts can also be rapidly integrated into respective workflows.

Every analysis is archived, allowing previous results to be reproduced across multiple users. So-called configuration containers also allow users without access to individual workflows to change statistical parameters in reports and therefore create their own analyses without the need for in-depth programming knowledge.



In ONE DATA, every analysis process is defined as a separate workflow. As a result, users can draw on a comprehensive library of predefined processes and methods which they can use to transform data, apply statistical methods or conveniently create entire analysis sequences. All existing processes can be individually adjusted, and internal algorithms (e.g. R or Python) additionally integrated.

Thanks to the precise roles and rights management system, only users who genuinely require access are able to gain access to analysis workflows. The tool takes care of data management and archiving previous analysis by itself. This ensures audit compliance and makes every change made to analysis steps transparent and traceable at all times.



ONE DATA is not another expert tool aimed solely at specialists. The interactive and completely customisable reporting dashboards also offer a dedicated interface for users of all levels to work with the collated company data pool. This offers all users an easy-to-understand interface presenting the information which is relevant to them and their work.

This identifies concrete recommended courses of action rapidly and efficiently for optimising specific areas of business without the need for in-depth knowledge of IT and statistics. This inclusive approach allows data science prototypes to be efficiently transferred into productive deployment – from prototype to production.


Technical details

Our software operates independently from platforms and databases (on-premise and in the cloud)

Open source-based architecture for cluster computing based on Apache Spark

Distributed file storage and data transfer architecture based on Apache Hadoop

Modularly expandable

User interface completely customisable as required (corporate design)

Flexible graphics engine

Extendable library (Java, R, Scala)

Take your project from prototype to production