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1. November 2018

New insights into Google ads

Veröffentlicht in: Publications

Published in: Publications

Research and practice - two complex components? Not with us! Our colleague Stefan has teamed up with Christoph Rust from the University of Regensburg and Jun Prof. Dr. Dominik Liebl and wrote a scientific paper for the University of Bonn, which is close to being published in the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics - one of the world's most recognized scientific journals of statistics. On the one hand, it represents the state of the art from a statistical point of view and at the same time has high relevance for daily use.

The cooperation that led to this work shows that ONE LOGIC works together with its clients, in this case with the crealytics GmbH, ona scientific level and that the knowledge gained from it is also used in practice. With crealytics as an industry expert in e-commerce, a state-of-the-art model was created that allows new insights into Google Ads. Through this project, we can expand and deepen our previous expertise in online trading.

In the paper "Improving Estimation in Functional Linear Regression with Points of Impact: Insights into Google Ads", which is currently under final review, the three authors deal with the importance of click-through-rates in e-commerce. They were able to gain deeper insights into how Google Ads, the main platform for online advertising, works.


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