Data Science Services

Establish data-driven decision making in your enterprise

Our data science team can help you transform your data into added value quickly and effectively, establishing and expanding data science expertise in your company in the process.

Data science has to prove itself in the real world, not at conferences. That’s why our projects are always based on a collaborative approach – after all, you know your business better than anyone else.

Our data science approach – from prototype to production

Our primary aim is to use your data in a way which creates value for your business.
The process of providing your solution therefore begins by clearly defining the benefits for your company.
Our data science team draws up a tailored solution with you step by step, right through to implementation.



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Use Cases

Statistical analysis and simulation

“Classic” statistical analysis for experimental design and data evaluation, simulation of statistical processes (e.g., Monte Carlo simulations)

Geospatial and network analysis

Visualization and analysis of geographic data (e.g., locations and routes), optimization of network–modeled data, e.g., biological data or routing

Process mining and customer journey

Visualization, analysis and simulation of process-related data, e.g., industrial processes, financial processes, and customer journies

Neuronal networks and deep learning

Advanced neural networks, in particular for image analysis, time series analysis, signal processing, and natural language processing

General machine learning

Broad spectrum of “classic” machine learning algorithms for classification, clustering, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics

Automated travel recommendations

We develop intelligent chatbots which efficiently record customer wishes for a travel company

Network expansion optimization

We optimize future network expansion plans based on proprietary and public data for a leading provider of fibre-optic infrastructure

Catalogue shipping optimization

We analyze customer data with the aim of optimizing catalogue shipping for an SME in the tool engineering sector

Data integration for project reporting

We develop automated processes for integrating data from a complex system environment for an international group

Project risk assessment

We develop data-based risk figures which can accurately estimate project success objectively and ahead of time for a global group in the project business

Asset assessment

We support one of the largest German media groups in evaluating its subsidiaries in a data-driven manner

Optimization of subscribers and advertising customers

We support a leading Southern German media group optimize its subscriber numbers and advertising customer relationships in a data-supported manner

Procurement optimization

We forecast the expected demand for raw materials over the coming year in order to optimize procurement for a DAX-listed group

Sales forecasts

We accurately forecast the expected sales for the next 1-6 months for one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturers

Image recognition

We have developed an image recognition method for quickly and automatically assessing the quality of recycling waste for the recycling division of a leading industrial company

Sensor data analysis

We accurately forecast the status of various machines solely based on their energy consumption for the production facilities of a beverage bottling company

Freight optimization

We support several German consumer goods manufacturers optimize their freight logistics operations based on sales forecasts and logistics routes

Warehouse optimization

We accurately forecast the sales figures for the coming weeks and in doing so optimize warehouse stocks and logistics resources for one of the largest German electronics retailers

Automated message analysis

We examine automated messages to predict developments on the raw materials markets for a leading global consumer goods manufacturer

Product matching engine

We develop algorithms to transfer customer orders into structured baskets of goods for an industrial goods manufacturer

Risk assessment for insurance customers

We develop automated processes for assessing the risk of company policies for a leading global insurance broker

Central customer perspective

Together with a financial service provider, we develop a central customer perspective including an ecosystem for data analysis

Sales forecast for millions of products

We forecast the sales figures for millions of products every week for the largest German retail association – more accurately than any other provider, both on a weekly and monthly basis, and within a matter of a few hours

Data-based project management

We are developing a data-based early warning system which can recognize the success of construction projects ahead of time as well as suggest possible countermeasures for an SME in the construction industry with projects worldwide

Process optimization

We analyze processes in the lab as well as in the planning and production of customised medicines for a biotechnology company

Pipetting optimization

We develop algorithms to optimize pipetting at a leading company in the cancer research field

Bioinformatics tools

We develop specific bioinformatics tools, including solutions for analyzing oligo synthesis and chromatography methods for the largest European biotech start-up

Customer lifetime value (CLV) forecasting

We calculate the customer lifetime value (CLV) of new and existing customers for a leading German automobile manufacturer

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We have over 150 members of staff at our offices in Passau, Munich and Frankfurt/Main, all of whom are committed to harnessing the power of data science and helping our customers to deploy it effectively.

Actions instead of insights

Data analysis only creates added value for your business if the insights gained lead to new actions. That’s why generating genuine added value is the focus at ONE LOGIC, not just simply insights.

After all, we don’t want to help you achieve success in theory, but in practice.

Our work often focuses at looking into the future, and we use predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics to do just that. In addition, we also have the tools and expertise for detailed follow-up analyses, such as root cause analysis.


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