It can cost 1-2 billion dollars and take 10 years to bring a new drug to market. Data-driven optimizations across the value generation chain can help biotech and pharma companies face challenges to their business model and accelerate time-to-market. The whitepaper "Advanced Analytics Opportunities for Biotech And Pharma" by Dr. Magdalena Strzelecka (Principal Data Scientist, ONE LOGIC) offers 13 solutions and recommends 4 focus areas. These are specifically selected for their value generation potential and an ability to quickly drive measurable impact on the biotech and pharma business. Each can be implemented standalone, as a targeted improvement or in a more ambitious portfolio approach. In both scenarios they can help increase efficiency and accelerate the process of bringing new medicines to market. Learn more how productionized data science can be leveraged for competitive advantage in biotech and pharma.

The white paper "Advanced Analytics Opportunities for Biotech And Pharma" discusses how data-driven digital solutions can be leveraged for competitive advantage by players in the biotech and pharma space. Implementing a cohesive vision, which embraces data handling automation, rich, F.A.I.R. data (findable, accessible, interoperable & reusable) - enabling data hubs, advanced data analytics and modeling and novel algorithms will help biotech and pharma organizations address the ever growing challenges to their business model.

The Time is now to fully embrace digital transformation

4 recommended focus areas for immediate impact:

  • Data hubs, with data provenance for all parts of the value generation chain,
  • Automation of data ingestion, integration, processing, analysis and reporting
  • Novel algorithms, especially for drug discovery and acceleration of lab processes
  • Natural language processing

Recent advances in big data analytics, machine learning and deep learning can be leveraged by biotech and pharmaceutical companies to

  • accelerate drug discovery, design and development
  • make processes across the value generation chain more efficient
  • achieve better time-to-market turnaround times and make be more cost-efficient
  • enable experts to solve new and complex science and business challenges

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